What to wear to your photo session

Please come to your session with a set number of outfits (no more than three) that you will be photographed wearing.

Have a dress rehearsal, the night before layout everything and keep it together so you do not forget anything.

Also, think of accessories, dress head to toe, shoes, jewelry, belts, hats, scarf's, etc. Right now, the trend is big jewelry and feathers. For the guys make sure that the pants/jeans are long. Short are generally not appealing for these types of photographs. 

Think about having one of your outfits selection match that of your eye color. Look for stronger, richer colors.

Please, bring at least a couple options of long sleeves... even in the middle of July! 

We recommend having A CLASSIC LOOK, not boring! Select something that is a bit simpler and no patterns, solid colors works great... we are going for timeless on this one.


SENIOR CHOICE OUTFIT should be about you, and reflect your personality, a statement of who you are. It can be a sport, activity, collection or just a high fashion outfit. It if is a sport or activity you can bring with the item association with that activity (football, guitar, etc.) to the session.

Popular dressing apparel:

  • Prom Dresses
  • Summer dresses
  • High Heels
  • Blue Jeans
  • A dressy jacket for girls and guys too! We can use in combination of other clothing for a quick different look
  • Accessories Girls: Headbands, Hats, Hair Accessories, Scarf's, Bold Jewelry, Big Rings, Feather Earrings, Sunglasses, and Belts
  • Accessories Guys: Scarf's, Hats, Tie 
  • Colors that photograph really well: Brown, Rusty and Cream tones, Black, White, Grays, Blue, Greens, Red and pastel Pink 

What makes you look SLIMMER?

  • Darker clothing especially pants. In addition, keep the contrast to a minimum
  • A little tan is great, but too much tan can make your face look round and heavier
  • Long Sleeves clothing in soft forgiving fabrics
  • Shoes with heels will lift and slim

What makes you look HEAVIER?

  • Putting something of light color on the part of the body you DON'T want emphasized
  • Shirts that are very thin in material need to be worn slightly larger, or they will show every bump
  • Short sleeves and sleeveless emphasize the upper arm and can make them look larger
  • Shorts are cute style, but sometimes can show too much leg
  • Plaid can create add bulk



Beauty Tips for Girls

  1. HAIR - This is such a personal preference. Please make sure your hair is the exact way you want it. We cannot be responsible for a bad hair day. If you wear BANGS, please have it trim a bit or use hair spray to hold it back. The bangs can cause unflattering shadows and also cover your eyes, which are VERY IMPORTANT part of the picture.
  2. If you decide to fix hair and makeup at the studio/photosite, this will cut down your time in front of the camera. Please arrive camera ready.
  3. MAKE UP - We do recommend that you have makeup applied. Use moisturizer and foundation to prevent the reflection and enhance skin's natural glow. Use a translucent powder to set. Best lips colors are Brown, Red or Berry tones, not Frosty pink.... GLOSSY! SHINY! COLOR! is a must on the lips. Don't be afraid to have a bit extra color on the apple of the cheekbones, it will really brighten up the appearance of the face. Well groomed eyebrows are a must, enhance eyelashes with a black mascara, and don't forget to add some eye shadows, if you are unsure, brown and neutral tones works very well.
  4. EYEBROWS - Wax or pluck a few days before your session to avoid red marks. Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and are VERY IMPORTANT.
  5. TANNING - Avoid being overly tan, you will look orange!
  6. NAILS - Make sure that they are neatly done. They will appear on your portraits.
  7. BLEMISHES - We'll take care of those! If this is big problem consider using proactive or other similar type problems to keep them to a minium.
  8. GLASSES - Please take your lens out.



Grooming Tips for Guys

  1. HAIR - This is such a personal preference, make sure your hair is the exactly way you wanted, we cannot be responsible for a bad hair day. Guys with long hair should make sure it does not hang down in your eyes.
  2. HAIR CUT - Try to schedule a cut AT LEAST one week prior to your session.
  3. SHAVING - Make sure you have a fresh shave. A Five o'clock shadow cannot be removed in your finished portraits.
  4. EXPRESSION - It's up to you. We normally photograph a mix of serious and smiling.
  5. TANNING - Avoid being overly tan. Watch out for tan lines, sunburn and peelings.
  6. BLEMISHES - We'll take care of those!  If this is big problem consider using proactive or other similar type problems to keep them to a minium.
  7. GLASSES - Please take your lens out.




If you have an iPod you can bring with you to play while you are being photographed.


Parents are always welcome to our studio/photosite and encouraged to attend. Nobody knows your kids better than you. We encourage your input and welcome any suggestions. Remember that the pictures are for you as well!