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It's always challenging to take good pictures at Theatre as in the vast majority of circumstances you can't use a flash, and have to deal with the "Theatrical" lighting. The first challenge is can your camera's ASA go high enough to even take a picture at 1/60. The lighting is choreographed for affect, and not for accurately rendering the colors :( Once you deal with those variables, you then discover, that the players are made up again, to be seen by the audience (at a distance). So the makeup in some cases isn't supposed to be seen from a vantage point of 2 feet in front of the players face.

In these pictures, please bear this in mind.

All of these pictures were taken with a Canon 40D, in creative zone range, saved as RAW images (about 80MB per picture). The images were then manually color balanced individually with brightness and contract being adjusted. Then they were converted to JPGs to upload to this site.

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