We believe you should know how much photography costs.  We aren’t going to make you call us, and spend 5 hours of your time on meetings, email, and phone calls before you see how much its going to cost.  That is why we put all our pricing on our website. Everyone gets the same pricing.

General rate is $60/hour per photographer on-site.  Back office rate for processing pictures (downloading, cropping, changing formats, mastering DVD/CD), HDR’s, geo-tagging, etc... is $45/hour.

Sessions will consist of a minimum of two (2) hours, and a maximum of six (6) hours.  For session times over six (6) hours, the Client will be charged for additional hours at a rate of $100.00 per hour. 

Any other expenses such as bridge toll, park admission, parking, mileage, etc., will be charged to the client. A separate invoice will be submitted to the client after the portrait session.

Approximately 3 days after the session the original images will be posted on the Internet for your viewing and ordering. You will be notified when the images will be available on the site.  For each hour you engage us, you will receive 10 4x6” prints of our best shots included for free, shipped to your mailing address within 1 week.

Payment schedule is as follows, for non-commercial clients:

  1. 1/2 payable at signing of this Agreement to secure date
  2. 1/2 before the session.

For Commercial Clients net terms are available with approved credit.

Upon signing an Agreement, Lavallee Photo reserves the date and time agreed upon. In case of a postponement and/or cancellation the retainer paid is nonrefundable and the Client has the option of rescheduling its session within thirty (30) calendar days. Please also review our policies.

There is an additional $250.00 fee for providing our services during a holiday weekend. Example: Independence Day (Fourth of July), Labor Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)